App to report over-speeding Vehicles

“All the citizen complaints about the vehicles will get registered in the ledger pertaining to that vehicle whereupon the police or transport department can take further action about it,”

So the aiming to promote road safety and proper highway management, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will introduce a mobile application integrated with a transport registration network in the coming months, an official said here.

The app will facilitate people to report any vehicle which is over-speeding or violating transport structures.

NHAI is also working towards building up complete information of data bank of all the highways which is called the Road Asset Management System which has already been commissioned for 3,000 kilometres of roadway.

Highlighting that human interface pertaining to roads requires collection of data and policing, Chandra said the highways body will soon introduce reforms for better highway network management.

“Within the coming year we should have information of the entire 100,000 km of highway network on its every aspect, including the encroachment on both sides, quality of the road, width of the road, width of the right of way, issues concerning with junctions and so on,” the chief of the highways body said.

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