Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

The teachers are not only responsible in developing a student’s academic knowledge but they also make them perfect in all aspects of life. The need for trained teachers is high at present due to the increase in the emergence of various schools. B.Ed is a Two year program. The candidates can choose the specialization in B.Ed course depending on the discipline they have studied in graduation. Many universities and Colleges in Lucknow offer B.Ed course. To become a teacher a qualification in B.Ed degree is compulsory. B.Ed Program includes various teaching methods & training.

B.Ed is an Undergraduate Degree awarded for a course in the field of Education.Teaching has the potential of providing job satisfaction, job security, high earnings and flexible schedule. Teachers are one of the most respected professionals in the World as they play a very important role in a student’s life. Bachelor of Education Specializations based one’s choice of stream in Graduation. Depending on that one can specialize in that particular Subject. The various employment areas for B.Ed graduates are schools, coaching centers, education departments, home tuitions, educational consultancies, private tuitions and so on.

B.Ed Courses in Lucknow
Bachelor of Education Program
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