Bhaargava – The Axe Warrior


Parashurama was the most fearsome warrior in Indian mythology..
His name was originally Rama but his weilding of the parashu(axe) gave him the famous name Parashurama-the Rama who wields an axe.

He has been referred to by many names throughout the myths such as Bhaargava,Bhrigupati and Jamadagnia.

Rama was born to the highly respected sage Jamadagni and mother Renuka. He was the fourth and last amongst the sons of Jamadagni. Amongst his brothers Rama was the strongest and even though born in a family of brahmins (sages/priests) he possessed qualities which were more like that of a kshatriya (warrior).

Rama was known to be a great devotee of the God of Destruction-Rudra (Shiva).
For his intense devotion and penance, Rudra personally trained Rama in the art of war, he taught him how to handle various astras (powers) and his was Rudra who gave Rama his almighty axe!


Rama’s father Jamadagni possessed a unique calf which would grant anything its master wishes for.when this news was given to the princes belong to the Haihaya kingdom which was ruled by the king Sahasrarjuna, they decided to abduct the divine calf.
the princes invaded the hermitage of the sage and took away the calf forcibly when Rama wasn’t around..

When Rama got to know about this incident,he decide to fight and take back what belongs to him.Rama had to fight and kill the undefeated warrior king Sahasrarjuna who was protecting his sons from Rama.

Soon the sons of Sahasrarjuna took revenge on Rama by killing his father Jamadagni and destroying his family when he had gone out for work.

When Rama arrived to his hermitage he saw his mother weeping over his father’s dead,beheaded body and he saw his brothers lay dead..

Rama swore revenge against the tyranny of kshatriyas and vowed to rid this world of the corrupt and the evil.

He went around the world with his battle axe 21 times and killed every criminal, every tyrant and every single corrupt kshatriya in billions!

From what Sage Narada says in Mahabharata.. Rama-the son of Jamdagni was responsible to rid this world of evil and bring in the Satya yuga… for this reason I wonder if he was the Kalki of the previous kali-yuga.

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