Hiranya – Cloth Of Gold

43Hiranya – Cloth Of Gold

Hiranya, cloth of Gold, is an initiative of Bunkar Dastakar Adhikaar Manch (BDAM), (A Varanasi based outfit, that lobbies for the weaver community), People’s Vigilance Committee for Human Rights (PVCHR), an initiative Of Jan Mitra Nyas (JMN)) & Dialogue 21, Inc.

Weaver To Wearer

Hiranya – Cloth Of Gold, Brings to you the exclusive enriching Hand woven Pure Banaras Silk Sarees in its original form and exclusivity right from its, “Weaver” to you, the “Wearer”.

Whats The Difference 

It is assumed if a handloom saree is purchased the poor weaver is benefited but its not always true. But here, The sarees come to you directly from the weaver, online, cutting all the middle, vested interests, so the same, the most exclusive Pure Banaras Silk Sarees come to you at a fair value much lesser than even your favourite retail saree shop and giving direct benefits to the Weaver.

Make A Difference

When you buy your saree online, real value goes to the weaver and you get the fair (least) value for the same generally the most exclusive hand woven Pure Banaras Silk Saree, and a share of the sale goes back directly to its Weaver.

Pure Banaras Katan Silk Saree – Jangla Meena


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