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Why Maritime Management India
The Master of Maritime Management (India) program will build your potential to become a leader in the global marine industry. This program will provide you with a broad understanding of the structure and operation of organizations and the factors that influence business decisions in the context of maritime-based organizations. The MV Shipping in Management Lucknow program opens further opportunities for you, as a marine professional, to advance in your career by developing a knowledge and understanding of the nature of technical operations and the factors that have an impact on their success. This program is the first of its kind in India and it is available completely online.

Minimum admission requirements

MV Shipping Management Services (P) Ltd – Bachelor’s degree (minimum second class) in an appropriate area of study with appropriate maritime and business management courses; a minimum of two years related employment experience is also normally required

MV Shipping Management in Lucknow
MV Shipping Management in Lucknow

The Group is structured around centrally managed centres of competency – fleets of specific ship types – to ensure that ships are handled by people who understand their client’s business. The company’s global presence ensures that a ship is looked after wherever she may be operating.
MV Shipping Management Services is experienced in providing full technical ship management to a broad range of ship types:

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