MV Shipping Management Lucknow

mv shipping management lucknow
mv shipping management lucknow

We are committed to providing training solutions to meet the needs of the maritime industry. Our experienced staff deliver a broad range of courses and training programs, for both onshore and onboard positions. Certified according to international standards by MV Shipping Management Services (P) Ltd., our courses and facilities are designed to ensure your team has the best training possible.

MV Shipping Management Services (P) Ltd. transportation, logistics and technical services in the domestic and international markets. Accord is a third party ship management company providing technical services and crew management as well as a broad range of back office services. With offices throughout the Lucknow, Allahabad, Kanpur, Varanasi,and bihar, MV Shipping Management Services (P) Ltd. is a leading all  Over India ship manager, managing over 60 vessels of every type and variety. The company shows a strong focus on value added management models and operational efficiency. As a result, our management solutions benefit our clients directly with a proven return on investment

A Level of Standards

How do we continually offer this first class service to ship owners?
A broad range of technical and crewing activities.
A worldwide network of offices.
Our qualified seagoing and shore-based staff.
A continuous training process.
A close link between the client and the manager.
Commitment to detail.

Carefully Selected Crew

Nearly all of the approximately 2,000 crew members employed by us on board at any given time are recruited via our network of fully controlled offices.
The worldwide subsidiaries also ensure a close link to the crew employed by us and they deal with any problems, needs and requests of our seafaring personnel.
The flexibility to provide every client with an individual solution is one of our most important goals.

Recruiting system / crew selection

Our officers and crew are selected on the basis of their competence, experience, good health and their conduct record. Under our policies only those officers / crew who fulfill Flagstate and IMO, STCW 95 criteria are employed. This is achieved through a strict internal quality control system. Medical Examination: A thorough medical examination / medical test of all candidates is done in accordance with ILO / Flag state guidelines.

Crew Evaluation System and Personal Record

We maintain very comprehensive personal records of our officers and crew (in electronic data-bases and hard copy). The crew is evaluated by the head of the department and the Master at 6 month intervals. Superintendents attending vessels also prepare a detailed evaluation of all staff.

Policies of Crew Safety and Health

MV Shipping Management Services (P) Ltd has in house Safety and Audit Division which is in-charge of conducting safety and quality audit of ships, identifying non conformities and conducting a thorough follow-up so that the non-conformities are cleared and a safe working environment exists on the ship.

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