Merchant Navy Management Institute India

Preparing for a career in the shipping industry can mean a wide variety of things. Naturally an interest in sea travel is beneficial if you choose a degree in shipping. Studying toward a nautical or naval degree however by no means limits you to working at sea. There are plenty of onshore careers, where you will have good use for your knowledge of the shipping industry. Degrees related to the nautical industry include nautical science, naval architecture, and marine management to name a few.

MV Shipping Management Services (P) Ltd. (MV SIMS) is a premier maritime training institute in India established by a leading, international ship management company, Executive Ship Management (MV) Shipping Management Services (P) Ltd. Lucknow. The institute prides itself with one of the most modern campus in the industry with world-class infrastructures and a serious commitment to provide an outstanding training opportunity to Indian seafarers.

M-V-Shipping-Management-ServicesMerchant Navy deals with commercial transport of goods by ships. It forms the backbone of international trade carrying more than 90% of the world trade. A highly professionalized and regulated industry; there is a demand for well-trained Merchant Navy Officers worldwide and Indian merchant navy officers have ample opportunities to fill in the slots. Candidates can join as officers at Navigation/Deck or Engineering positions on merchant ships depending upon the training received.

In addition to the thrill and adventure of a career at sea, a merchant navy officer receives an excellent pay package – many times higher than his counterparts with similar qualification in other fields. Those sailing on ships trading in the international waters have the unique advantage of The profession also requires officers to be continuously trained thus keeping them abreast of the latest technology and knowledge in this field. Perks such as paid leave and the option of carrying families on board make Merchant Navy, an attractive career.

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