One Place Infrastructures Private Limited (OPIPL)

One Place Infrastructures Private Limited (OPIPL) has its foremost focus on defining and enhancing lifestyles for individuals (B2C) & Corporate (B2B) through Strategic Designing & Planning Projects.OPIPL’s Brand Identity is based on the two colors Green & White. Wherein Green symbolizes the Nature and White denotes Peace & Hope. Both combine and make a beautiful environment to Inculcate LIFE.


To become a Prominent Regional Real Estate Promoter & Developer Company, specialized in Real Estate Enhancement & Construction in locations where the company identifies and defines the concept of ‘PLACE FOR EVERYONE’. In this process of Creating Landmarks through Innovation & Best Practices towards enhancing the Value Proposition of consistently increasing return on investment (ROI) and Growth to all.


At OPIPL, we seek to make first-time home buyers comfortable, happy and worry-free both during the home buying process and even after their closings. OPIPL aims to provide a Global Lifestyle to the Global Citizen. By doing this, OPIPL hopes to build a reputation as a ‘RELIABLE & DEPENDABLE REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER COMPANY’ for first-time home buyers, effectively eliminating competition within the market place.

  From Chairman’s Desk

Our Company Focus is on quality construction Technologies by use of Modern day Technologies and to create strong beautiful dwellings for and customer.“We don’t make big promises but take care of yours little moments of happiness.” 

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